Denise Sawicki won this round on September 9, 2001. There were 14 goos.

Players this round: Denise Sawicki (13 goos solved, a perfect score), Mike Eberhart (13 goos solved, a perfect score), David Mitzman (12 goos solved), Jeff Flom (12 goos solved), Kelly Lee (12 goos solved, a perfect score), Aaron Fischer (11 goos solved), Kelly Stokes (11 goos solved), Brannan Conrad (10 goos solved), Amir H. Sufyani (9 goos solved), Dan Donovan (8 goos solved), Anna Gregoline (6 goos solved), Joel DeClue (6 goos solved), Edward Tegge (5 goos solved), Christine Marie Doiron (4 goos solved), Matthew Preston (4 goos solved), Greg Webster (3 goos solved), K. R. (3 goos solved), Gabriel Moran (2 goos solved), Lori Lancaster (2 goos solved), Dave Craig (1 goo solved), Jacob Schultz (1 goo solved), and Rune Tillark (1 goo solved).

Yul Brynner

He finally let Moses's people go. Who's the king? Go »

Richard Feynman

Surely you're joking if you say this physicist wasn't a fine man. Go »

John Lennon

After December 8, 1980, he didn't have to imagine any more. Go »

Megumi Hayashibara

Ranma's better half has nine eyes, and is the Inverse of Slayers. Go »

Christopher Walken

First he was dancing, then hunting, then horseback riding. But he'll always be walking. Go »

Frida Kahlo

This communist and self-portraitist limped her way into Mexican artistic history. Go »

Dave Barry

I swear I'm not making this up, this Miami humorist is in big trouble. Go »

Mikhail Kalashnikov

He invented the submachinegun (and the AK-47 in 1949), but didn't get a patent until recently. Go »

David Bowie

Here's a space oddity: A little stardust fell to Earth as this man. Go »

Curtis LeMay

Let's just say George Wallace's would-be VP wouldn't have gotten the Japanese vote after Hiroshima. Go »

Frank Herbert

This guy's books about spice, worms, and a lot of sand became the best-selling science fiction series ever. Go »

Tori Amos

If u kant read, you might think this crucified pianist offered boils for peel. Go »

Cy Young

The winningest pitcher in baseball history, this youthful pitcher peaked in 1901 but his award is still given today. Go »

Jan-Michael Vincent

He may be a "flying lupus" action star, but his name's still Jan. Go »