David Mitzman won this round on November 15, 2000. There were 22 goos.

Players this round: David Mitzman (21 goos solved), Aaron Fischer (19 goos solved), Anna Gregoline (19 goos solved), Denise Sawicki (17 goos solved), Matthew Preston (16 goos solved), Edward Tegge (13 goos solved), and Kelly Lee (4 goos solved).

Roger Clemens

New York has Rockets? Hmm, can they pitch? Go »

Queen Latifah

The Queen of living single now has her own talk show. Go »

Oliver Stone

How do you get blood from a stone? Be a natural born... uh, something. Go »

King Tut

Busting into tombs isn't fair-o. Who's the king? Go »

Joe Lieberman

Should he take over the country if the first three letters in his name are "lie"? Go »


She helped a couple of white boys draw up some maps. Go »

Laura Schlessinger

If gays are biological errors, does that mean she's normal? Go »


This former "slave" is now once again pop music royalty. Go »

John Gotti

The Teflon Don, the Clenched Fist... So many nicknames for one Gambino. Go »

George W. Bush

It would be kind of cool to have a president called by one letter. Go »

Warwick Davis

If the Nelwyns, Ewoks, and Leprechauns all met, this man would play them. Go »

Ralph Nader

Maybe if he came with seat belts and air bags, he'd have more than 5%. Go »

Gloria Estefan

Sure, she gave us the Miami sound. But she also gave us Jon Secada. Go »

Pierce Brosnan

This man's bond is as strong as steele. Go »

Jerry Springer

This goo's first name! This goo's first name! This goo's first name! Go »

Vladimir Putin

Put in for the job, he's rushin' to do well. Go »

Lauryn Hill

Don't mysguess this re-fugee goo. Go »

Julia Child

I didn't think that children got to be master chefs. Go »

Matt Drudge



Post-feminism means chocolate addiction and complaining about work? Go »


Players who score five goos in row earn ire of others. Go »

Amelia Earhart

Sorry, this goo crashed with only 7,000 bytes left in the upload. Go »