Chris Lemler won this round on August 2, 2010. There were 50 goos.

Players this round: Russ Wilhelm (49 goos solved), Richard Slominsky (47 goos solved), Steve Dunn (47 goos solved), Joanna Woods (46 goos solved), Steve West (45 goos solved), Amy Austin (43 goos solved), Justin Woods (42 goos solved), Samir Mehta (42 goos solved), Ryan Dunn (38 goos solved), LaVonne Lemler (34 goos solved), Chris Lemler (33 goos solved), Sarah Kyle (26 goos solved), Mike Rothstein (25 goos solved), Melissa Anderson (17 goos solved), Mike Eberhart (17 goos solved), Denise Sawicki (9 goos solved), Elaine Beckland (5 goos solved), and Jesse King (3 goos solved).

Jaden Smith

not Sidney Poitier's grandson Go »

Stephen Strasburg

obsessing about his debut was a national pastime Go »

James Joyce

Dublin's day-long describer Go »


time's running out Go »

Drew Pinsky

loves to help people Go »

Rick Perry

not the only star in the Republican Party Go »

Gary Coleman

died young, but not as young as his adoptive sister Go »

Justin Bieber

Look a little closer just in case you might have seen this goo one time. Go »

Constance McMillen

broken promises Go »

Tony Hayward

slick apologizer Go »

Zhang Ziyi

crouching geisha with hidden daggers Go »

Michael Bublé

a bubbly singer by any standards Go »

Ricky Van Veen

his sense of humor is best appreciated if you're still in school Go »

Fareed Zakaria

new directions in foreign policy Go »

Betty White

golden comeback Go »

Leon Panetta

central manager Go »

Suzy Kassem

this cat wears comfortable shoes Go »

Beatrix Potter

mischievous rabbit and merchandise racket Go »

Cristie Kerr

it takes #1 to know #1 Go »

Louis C.K.

easy name to fit on the matinée Go »

Thomas Jefferson

after two other presidents, he declared that it was time to move on up to the White House himself Go »

John Adams

not Paul Giamatti Go »

Ethan Allen

hard patriot, soft furniture Go »

John Hancock

Massachusetts minister and signature synonym Go »

George Clinton

brought parliamentary influence to American government Go »

John Jay

cob jingleheimer schmidt? Go »

Thomas Paine

his propaganda gave England a migraine Go »

Satyajit Ray

made Apu a household name long before the Kwik-E-Mart Go »

Colton Harris-Moore

most teenagers just go to the Bahamas because of spring break Go »

Jan Brewer

border-crosser ban certainly brewed controversy Go »

David Caruso

his cop-show career's so hot.... he's gotta wear shades (YEEAAAAHH) Go »


queen through the end of the century Go »

Casey Kasem

if there was a countdown of the top 40 goos, I would want him to read it Go »

Elmore Leonard

Hollywood considers it a crime to leave any of his novels unfilmed Go »

Rebecca Nurse

maybe her hanging helped to heal the village of Salem Go »

Elizabeth Montgomery

nasal agility is not normally a prerequisite for sitcom stardom Go »

Gerald Gardner

not a wicked witch, but sounds just like one Go »

Alyson Hannigan

as comforting as Mom, apple pie, and slaying vampires Go »

Grace Sherwood

not even Robin Hood would cross this witch Go »

Margaret Hamilton

green makeup made her a villain, but her laugh made her a legend Go »

Fawza Falih

Islamic judges don't tolerate witches, either Go »


big-shot Brazilian 'baller Go »

Heidi Montag

reality roommate becomes singing spouse Go »

Vera Wang

what do weddings and figure skating have in common? Go »

Terry Crews

football came before family for this father figure Go »

Eric Holder

holds firm on the law Go »

Magnus Carlsen

he became king of the world at 19, and he didn't even have to castle Go »

Ben Huh

im in ur goo game, makin u gess Go »

Rose McGowan

this flowery TV star is quite a charmer Go »

King Gillette

his shaving savings made him a loss leader (who's the king?) Go »