Steve West won this round on January 17, 2004. There were 18 goos.

Players this round: Steve West (17 goos solved), David Mitzman (16 goos solved), Matthew Preston (15 goos solved), Mike Eberhart (15 goos solved), Amir H. Sufyani (14 goos solved), Denise Sawicki (13 goos solved), Anthony Lewis (12 goos solved), Aaron Fischer (11 goos solved), Brad Htnck (11 goos solved), Christine Marie Doiron (11 goos solved), Nadine Russell (11 goos solved), Brandie Harrison (10 goos solved), Jason Charles Butterhoff (10 goos solved), Wendy Hampson (10 goos solved), Erik Bates (9 goos solved), Andy Hubbartt (8 goos solved), Kelly Stokes (7 goos solved), Scott Baumann (7 goos solved), Anna Gregoline (6 goos solved), Elizabeth Chesher (6 goos solved), Jackie Mason (6 goos solved), Lori Lancaster (6 goos solved), K. R. (5 goos solved), CJ Santiago (4 goos solved), Dan Donovan (4 goos solved), Jeff Flom (4 goos solved), Mario Di Carlo (4 goos solved), Dave Stoppenhagen (3 goos solved), Todd Brotsch (3 goos solved), Angie Whitehead (2 goos solved), Elliot Farney (2 goos solved), Angela Lathem-Ballard (1 goo solved), Bryan Antonio Carroll (1 goo solved), C. K. (1 goo solved), Craig Clarke (1 goo solved), Irwin B Dolobowsky (1 goo solved), Jack Black (1 goo solved), Jeff Wallos (1 goo solved), Kelly Lee (1 goo solved), Patrick Frey (1 goo solved), Ryan Moore (1 goo solved), Steve Dunn (1 goo solved), Tab Hilton (1 goo solved), and Vixen Calhoun (1 goo solved).

Steven Spielberg

Sharks, aliens, dinosaurs, robots, ghosts, and Nazis are the legacy of this very successful director. Go »

Tina Turner

What's success got to do with it? She's the biggest-selling female rocker in history. Go »

Monica Lewinsky

There's no more scandalous figure in recent history than the woman who did not have sexual relations with that man, Mr. Clinton. Go »

Alex Kingston

She's not a doctor, but she plays one on TV. Who's the king? Go »

Hideo Kojima

It's almost hideous how the goo game turns celebrities into liquid from some other form. Go »

Tara Lipinski

This New York Jets fan may have big ears, but her nickname is another part of her head. Go »

Elizabeth Smart

Only the most intelligent players won't get carried away with this goo. Go »

Strong Bad

Be careful if you're typing your guess with boxing gloves on. Go »

Tibor Kalman

This designer for Benetton and Barnes & Noble knows what it is to be depraved and hopeful at the same time. Go »

Michael Jackson

Helen Keller doesn't have anything on this freak of nature. Go »

Jessica Alba

Maxing out the guesses on this core goo would be sweeter than... something. Go »

Carl Sagan

He made us want to reach out to the stars and touch someone. Go »

Dan Mathews

Is it any surprise that an outspoken animal rights activist is so misanthropic? Go »

Paris Hilton

Hotel heiresses don't get much more sexy, foolish, or famous than this. Go »

Ernö Rubik

I wish my puzzles took as much effort to figure out as his. Go »

Irshad Manji

Islam meets feminism. Go »

Harry Houdini

There's no getting out of it now; this round is a lock. Go »

Geddy Lee

This modern day singer always seems to be in the limelight. Go »