Justin Woods won this round on September 29, 2010. There were 50 goos.

Players this round: Justin Woods (50 goos solved, a perfect score), Russ Wilhelm (49 goos solved), Ryan Dunn (48 goos solved), Richard Slominsky (45 goos solved), Amy Austin (44 goos solved), Joanna Woods (44 goos solved), Chris Lemler (43 goos solved), LaVonne Lemler (42 goos solved), Mike Rothstein (42 goos solved), Steve West (42 goos solved), Samir Mehta (41 goos solved), Steve Dunn (41 goos solved), Jon Berry (27 goos solved), Sarah Kyle (24 goos solved), Melissa Anderson (21 goos solved), Jason Lemler (19 goos solved), Aaron Shurtleff (4 goos solved), Tony Peters (4 goos solved), Erik Bates (1 goo solved), and Mike Eberhart (1 goo solved).

Isaiah Mustafa

spicy spokesman Go »

Jane Lynch

cheerleaders, caterers, and celibates Go »

Bill W.

dipsomanic discretion Go »

Zach Galifianakis

nobody's laughing the next morning Go »

Candace Bushnell

New York's sex appeal hasn't been the same since Go »

Steven Slater

attitudes may have shifted during flight Go »

Christopher Hitchens

no deathbed prayers for this soon-to-be ex-ex-patriot Go »

Julia Roberts

eat mystic pizza, prêt-à-porter, love trouble Go »

John William King

racist murderers in Michigan resort to stabbing and fleeing, but in Texas they have a more down-to-earth approach (who's the king?) Go »

Temple Grandin

even autistic cowgirls get the blues Go »

Frank Miller

Gotham City and Sin City have 300 things in common Go »

Rachael Flatt

from her top to her feet, she's tired of being mistaken for Kim Yu-Na Go »

Ashraf Sekkaki

you'd think that escaping from prison via helicopter would be so rare that there wouldn't be multiple Moroccans famous for it Go »

Cristiano Ronaldo

prominent Portuguese player Go »

Trig Palin

baby grizzly Go »

Frank Morgan

not a wicked witch, but in the same cast as one Go »

Julia Anderson

family is the most important thing in the universe Go »

Robinson Crusoe

normally the game doesn't allow fictional characters, but this wouldn't be the first mistake Scott has made Go »


rendering the Internet meaningless Go »

Imogen Heap

after Newport Beach, success began to pile up Go »

Neil deGrasse Tyson

demoting Pluto got him promoted to late night comedy show guest Go »


fans are buzzing over this goo's music Go »

Larry the Cable Guy

best comic on cable TV Go »


ocean-bred Go »

Janet Napolitano

homeland securer Go »

Charles Brown

got the blues while driftin' across California Go »

Sally Browne

fashion designer, toy inventor, motivational speaker, and mountain climber Go »

Rick Schroder

big-city cop known for his fine silverware Go »

Ron "Pigpen" McKernan

glad to be deceased Go »

Marcia Howard

Ireland and Australia make for a pretty strange combination, Sir Go »

Fred "Rerun" Berry

thanks to syndication, he'll be a teenager in the 1970s forever Go »

Snoop Dogg

the only rapper to appear in Peanizzle Wizzle Go »

Katy Perry

prefers to kiss girls from California Go »

Feisal Abdul Rauf

his community outreach proposal became ground zero for controversy Go »

Stella McCartney

has yet to design a dress based on beetle wings Go »

Grant Hill

overcoming his injuries has been like climbing one mountain after another Go »

César Chávez

lived to see the fruits of his labor Go »

Benjamin Spock

it's only logical that babies have special needs Go »

Mary Pickford

nothing unites a film company like working with America's biggest star Go »

Alan Shepard

on the surface of the moon, anybody can hit a ball farther than Lee Trevino Go »

Keith Moon

not to be replaced Go »

Georges Méliès

bon voyage Go »

Robert A. Heinlein

there's no such thing as a free goo Go »

Patch Adams

who said the butt can't heal the body? Go »

Soleil Moon Frye

she grew out of punk after the 80s Go »

Andy Kaufman

if you believed... Go »

Frances Bean Cobain

she found religion in the bottom of a deep pit, thanks to her parents Go »

David Brooks

a conservative voice swimming up the liberal stream Go »

Johnny Appleseed

his teachings took root across the Midwest Go »

Aziz Ansari

starring in a hit sitcom means never having to say you're sorry Go »