These goos are from the Exploration category, people famous for reaching new geographical frontiers. Browse another way.

Abel Tasman

Fiji? Check. Tasmania? Found it. New Zealand? Next! Australia? Never heard of it. Go »

Amerigo Vespucci

This Italian cartographer was so influential in mapping the New World that he became synonymous with it. Go »

Arthur Frommer

these days, you can't go to many places for five dollars Go »

Christopher Columbus

I would have saved him to be goo #1492, but he was so impatient to "discover" this game and claim it for his homeland... Go »

Daniel Boone

Coonskin? No thanks - hate 'em. I'll stick with felt caps. Go »

David Livingstone

If you asked the ghost of this Scottish explorer what justified his colonialism in Africa, I presume his answer would be denial. Go »

Edmund Hillary

No matter how many goos you guess right, you can't get higher than this New Zealander. Go »

Edmund Hillary

the first climber to top Mount Everest, not the author of inexpensive travel guides Go »

Edmund Hillary

He was the first climber to top Mount Everest, not the Sherpa mountaineer who accompanied him. Go »

Ernest Shackleton

If you thought the long (and recently concluded) search for his shipwreck was exciting, the real story of endurance was how he kept every crew member alive in a perilous trek back north. Go »


This Portuguese slave took a long path through Florida and Texas to become a crying spirit. Go »

Fabien Cousteau

Être originaire de France pourrait amener ce cinéaste à décider de vivre sous l'eau à Halloween et pourrait se faire attaquer par un requin à l'air mystérieux. Go »

Ferdinand Magellan

500 years ago today, his expedition proved by direct action that the world was round after sailing around it in its entirety, and yet we still argue about whether it's flat. Go »

Francisco Pizarro

Lima bears the legacy of this lopsided victor. Go »

Gertrude Bell

This Oxford-educated archeologist traveled and documented the Middle East so extensively that Britain needed an opinion as clear as hers about how to establish Iraq. Go »

Henry Hudson

This British sea captain's legend is as short as the American river named for him. Go »

Hernán Cortés

His conquest of the Aztecs included razing their capital to the ground in order to build what is today Mexico City. Go »

Hiram Bingham III

The single day that he spent as the governor of Connecticut was about the same amount of time that he gave anyone else credit for "discovering" Machu Picchu before him. Go »

James Cook

If you can't find the answer after all your searching, your goose is stewed. Go »

Jedediah Smith

This clean-living mountain man's expeditions to the Pacific coast took him Over the Hills and Far Away. Go »

Jim Bridger

He may have defined the term Mountain Man. Go »

John Smith

His experience settling Virginia would help him win a game of Settlers of Catan, but Pocahontas wouldn't be there to save his life. Go »

Juan Sebastián Elcano

This explorer completed Magellan's desire. Go »

Kazimierz Nowak

Africa's huge, but you can traverse it on two feet or two wheels, even if nobody reads about it for seven decades. Go »

Kennewick Man

Whether he's a boon to North American anthropology or deserving of a proper religious burial, one thing's for sure: This old fellow's been waiting to become a goo far longer than anyone else. Go »

Leif Erikson

Wandering about like a leaf on the wind led him to discover North America long before Columbus. Go »

Marco Polo

Whose idea was it to remember the great merchant land-traveler in a water-based game? Go »

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

President Jefferson sent them to have a look at the Pacific Ocean, a trip that took two years. Go »

Pedro de Alvarado

Every red son of central Central America knows this founder's name. Go »

René-Robert Cavelier

A car and a basketball team share a name with this French explorer who traveled through the Great Lakes region. Go »

Rick Steves

White people are supposed to leave Europe to conquer other lands, not the other way around. Go »

Roald Amundsen

Like any good explorer, he ventured off the map, but he was the first to get beneath it all. Go »

Robert Ballard

This oceanographer would find the answer to his own goo even if it were 12,500 feet under water. Go »


She helped a couple of white boys draw up some maps. Go »


The last of his kind helped the Pilgrims get the tiniest quantum of a foothold in the New World. Go »

Tenzing Norgay

If you reach the pinnacle of success in this game, make sure to credit anyone who helped. Go »

Vasco da Gama

couldn't wait for this round to get to India Go »

Vitus Bering

Straight partners were attracted to this goo's affinity for bearing life. Go »

Zebulon Pike

His career as an explorer peaked somewhere in Colorado. Go »