Justin Woods won this round on May 27, 2011. There were 65 goos.

Players this round: Justin Woods (64 goos solved), Joanna Woods (60 goos solved), Russ Wilhelm (60 goos solved), Steve West (60 goos solved), Jon Berry (52 goos solved), Chris Lemler (50 goos solved), LaVonne Lemler (50 goos solved), Mike Rothstein (50 goos solved), Steve Dunn (49 goos solved), Denise Sawicki (47 goos solved), Samir Mehta (47 goos solved), Richard Slominsky (46 goos solved), Matthew Preston (35 goos solved), Ryan Dunn (27 goos solved), Erik Bates (16 goos solved), Lori Lancaster (13 goos solved), Amy Austin (9 goos solved), Sarah Kyle (5 goos solved), Elaine Beckland (4 goos solved), Scott Horowitz (4 goos solved), Kelly Lee (1 goo solved), and Mike Eberhart (1 goo solved).

Patrick Dempsey

dreamy doc Go »

Jane Seymour

frontier doc Go »

Bill Cosby

family doc Go »

Neil Patrick Harris

kid doc Go »

David Tennant

tenth doc Go »


pop/rock royalty Go »

Percy Harvin

born in Virginia, schooled in Florida, well-received in Minnesota Go »

Michele Bachmann

pundits read a presidential run into her tea leaves Go »

Robert Bly

iron man Go »

Nate Richert

Raised by a pack of squirrels and lover of monkeys and dinosaurs, this lyrical comedian has been everything from a pregnant teen to a superhero. Go »

Stephen Jay Gould

your reasoning had better evolve in fits and spurts Go »

Jeff Goldblum

jurassic star Go »

Sarah Butler

in Austin, paleontology is the name of the game Go »

J Mascis

the next generation of dinosaur rock Go »


if you tried to steal these bones, you would probably get sued Go »

Michael Jackson

moonwalking pop stars aren't known for their books about beer and whiskey Go »

James Morrison

more concerned with getting discovered than with entranceways into rooms Go »

Stephen King

tell us a story about a possessed soccer ball that kills people (who's the king?) Go »

Ted Williams

famous baseball players aren't living on the street offering to pronounce things Go »

Jennifer Lopez

tells us whether it's raining on the block Go »

David Vetter

born in a bubble Go »

Dede Koswara

don't go out on a limb Go »

Serene Branson

Lady Antebellum left her speechless Go »

Baby Fae

I ♥ baboons Go »

Clive Wearing

Mr. Memento Go »

Gloria Gaynor

she did survive Go »

John Travolta

hot on the weekend Go »

Donna Summer

one season early Go »

K. L.

Go »

Steve Rubell

looks like Mike Myers Go »

Bill Clinton

philanderer in chief Go »

Princess Diana

the paparazzi's princess Go »

Dan Quayle

potatoe head Go »

John Major

prime major Go »

Manuel Noriega

Panamanian in Paris Go »

Randy Moss

born in Virginia, schooled in West Virginia, twice received in Minnasota Go »

Denise Richards

not trapped in a bathroom by Charlie Sheen... trapped in a marriage with Charlie Sheen Go »

Sue Hendrickson

bony paleontologist Go »

Ian Somerhalder

if you previously guessed the wrong vampire, you lost Go »

Ariel Ticona

hope waited back home Go »

Isaac Hayes

who's the black cartoon chef that's a record producer with all the hits? Go »

Sonny Bono

California congressman and variety show husband Go »

Nancy Cartwright

don't have a cow, Xenu Go »

David Miscavige

this auditor took on the IRS and won Go »

Lisa McPherson

fell off the bridge to total freedom Go »

Tim Daly

he piloted planes in Nantucket Go »

Harland Sanders

he gave us the KFC bucket Go »

Sue Ellen Cooper

she wore hats colored red Go »

Gabrielle Giffords

she was shot in the head Go »

Kirby Puckett

his famous eleventh-inning hit in game six kept the Series going Go »

Blair Brown

two British prime ministers Go »

Angeles Duran

legally liable for global warming, according to Al Gore Go »

Gia Carangi

died after gaining assistance Go »

Freeman Dyson

comet sweet comet Go »

Steve Prefontaine

premature quietus Go »

Alberto CutiƩ

I'm too sexy for my cassock Go »

Robert Scoble

big blogger for a tiny company Go »

Owen Honors

unlikely to get an honorable discharge Go »

Clara Barton

war + peace Go »

Ina Garten

where you grow healthy ingredients Go »

Harold Camping

apocalypse fail Go »

Dita Von Teese

puts the teese in striptease Go »

Rahm Emanuel

the new fucking mayor of Chicago Go »

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Hungarian beauty Go »

Vidal Sassoon

this hairstylist is ironically not named Bob Go »