Christine Marie Doiron won this round on June 3, 2004. There were 20 goos.

Players this round: Christine Marie Doiron (20 goos solved, a perfect score), Denise Sawicki (19 goos solved), Erik Bates (19 goos solved), Megan Baxter (19 goos solved), Mike Eberhart (19 goos solved), Steve West (19 goos solved), Scott Baumann (18 goos solved), C. K. (17 goos solved), Nadine Russell (17 goos solved), Steve Dunn (17 goos solved), Todd Brotsch (17 goos solved), Matthew Preston (16 goos solved), David Mitzman (15 goos solved), Aaron Fischer (14 goos solved), Allan Russell (14 goos solved), Anthony Lewis (14 goos solved), Elizabeth Chesher (13 goos solved), Lori Lancaster (11 goos solved), Jason Charles Butterhoff (10 goos solved), Scott Horowitz (9 goos solved), Amir H. Sufyani (7 goos solved), Anna Gregoline (7 goos solved), Brandie Harrison (7 goos solved), Jackie Mason (7 goos solved), Mihai Rusu (7 goos solved), Brad Htnck (6 goos solved), Dan Donovan (6 goos solved), Dave Stoppenhagen (6 goos solved), K. R. (5 goos solved), Mario Di Carlo (5 goos solved), Melissa Erin (5 goos solved), Phyllis Joy (5 goos solved), Angela Lathem-Ballard (4 goos solved), Wendy Hampson (4 goos solved), CJ Santiago (3 goos solved), Angie Whitehead (2 goos solved), Bryan Antonio Carroll (2 goos solved), Cody Marx Bailey (2 goos solved), Elliot Farney (2 goos solved), Jeff Flom (2 goos solved), Tom Beshere (2 goos solved), Andy Hubbartt (1 goo solved), Brian Dunne (1 goo solved), Chris Clark (1 goo solved), Erin Ahlgren (1 goo solved), John Tate (1 goo solved), Justine Elliott (1 goo solved), Kevin Fiore (1 goo solved), Kris Weberg (1 goo solved), Patrick Frey (1 goo solved), Pressley Ridgill (1 goo solved), Renee Steeves (1 goo solved), Sandra Woodbury (1 goo solved), Scott A Pugely (1 goo solved), and Shelley Kniesly (1 goo solved).

Penélope Cruz

Open your eyes to this goo and you could cruise to victory. Just don't blow it. Go »

Sarah McLachlan

Some players might fumble; this goo's not fair on the surface. Go »

Karrie Webb

Having eight legs must daunt her opponents. Go »

Saddam Hussein

The world is safe for goos again with this malevolent despot out of power and into a jail cell. Go »

Linus Torvalds

This colonel of open source just turned 26. Go »

Takeshi Kaga

All Japanese chefs, no matter their mettle, fear the chairman of the kitchen. Go »

Countess Bathory

Hungary's bloodiest murderess met her match in David Dawson. Go »

Agatha Christie

Who gave this best-selling novelist her mysterious orientation? The butler did it! Go »


He was FIFA's only three-time champion. Who's the O' Rey? Go »

Biruté Galdikas

Louis thought she was the greatest of the apes. Go »

Winnie Mandela

Controversy has followed this courageous leader... Could there be a black first lady? Go »


She washes her Colombian and Lebanese apparel in the same load. Go »

Mathieu Kassovitz

Even gothic directors can meet women with fabulous destinies. Go »

Heinz Guderian

Put your arms together for this German General. Go »

Elsa Benítez

I know it sounds funny, but this young supermodel is one of the most L33T goos of all time. Go »


You don't have to be a professional psychic to identify a goo taylor-made to be this patranizingly easy. Go »

Yao Ming

Yo! Go »

Roald Amundsen

Like any good explorer, he ventured off the map, but he was the first to get beneath it all. Go »

Roman Polanski

You're a very nosy player, kitty cat. You know what happens to nosy players who use Google? Huh? Wanna guess? Go »

King Sunny Ade

It's bad juju to let this African goo beat you. Who's the king? Go »