These goos are from the Royalty category, people famous for being members of a national royalty. Browse another way.

Ameerah al-Taweel

Attempting to pass a Love Letter to this Saudi Arabian in front of her husband would be a bad idea, even if she works toward women's empowerment. Go »

Anne Boleyn

It's just not worth falling head over heels for a man who prefers boys. Go »

Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I

England's greatest head of state had to get over her mother losing her head. Go »


This great emperor spread Buddhism across the Indian subcontinent, but he wasn't played in live action by Rosario Dawson. Go »


If you recognize this Roman resister, good luck spelling the name. Go »

Camilla Parker-Bowles

Charles might park her on the throne. Go »

Charles III

Taking over a monarchy is complicated, but this Brit has had 73 years to prepare. Go »


You don't have to be a professional psychic to identify a goo taylor-made to be this patranizingly easy. Go »

Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah

He ruled for three days and zero hours. Go »

Elizabeth I

This last Tudor queen of England has now been played twice by Cate Blanchett. Go »

Elizabeth II

Her Majesty may be the most famous 79-year-old in the world, but to her family she's just Lilibet. Go »

Franz Ferdinand

History remembers this Austria-Hungarian heir for his association with World War I, but he didn't live to see it. Go »

Françoise d'Aubigné

Let me get this straight. I married the King but I can't be Queen? That's going to be a hard secret to maintain. Go »

Harald Bluetooth

This Danish king united his tribes, and in a way, he also united the wireless devices in your home. Go »

Henry VIII

Divorce, beheading, die, divorce, beheading, survive. Go »


Who is this heavenly King? Go »

Kate Middleton

pretty new princess Go »

King Abdullah II

He continued his father's legacy in Jordan. Who's the new king? Go »

King Hussein

This popular leader brought Jordan closer to the west. Who's the king? Go »

King Tut

Busting into tombs isn't fair-o. Who's the king? Go »

Letizia Ortiz

Whether it be the nightly news or the prince of Spain, she's done it all. Go »

Louis XIV

man in the mirror Go »

Louis XVII

In the 18th century, tuberculosis was as deadly as the guillotine. Go »

Ludwig I

Lots of people have wedding festivities, but getting an entire nation to drink for a month every fall is quite a legacy. Go »

Marie Antoinette

This Austrian queen of France must have lost her head to suggest that her peasants had cake and should eat it too. Go »

Meghan Markle

The newest member of Britain's royal family is already used to fame, after acting in several Hollywood productions in her native Los Angeles. Go »


After his death marked the birth of New Spain and later Mexico. a common joke held that his vengeance lurked in the water. Go »

Napoléon Bonaparte

This French corporal crowned himself Emperor and remains one of the best military tacticians in European history. Go »


Turning a village into an empire that conquered much of a continent was all in a day's work for this sun worshiper, but he's best remembered today for the ruins of his estate on top of a mountain. Go »

Prince George

He was already among the most famous people in his island nation at negative six months of age. Go »

Prince Harry

His decision to withdraw from his duties in the British royal family may prove even more controversial than his marriage. Go »

Prince William

God save the Queen's grandson. He's producing heirs but losing hairs. Go »

Princess Charlotte

4th from the crown, and that's no ruse. Go »

Princess Diana

I don't care from where in Europe she came. This mononym had no blubber at all. Go »

Princess Diana

the paparazzi's princess Go »

Princess Diana

The People's Princess had a distinctly ignoble way of expressing frustration with the royal family. Go »


Queen of Twitter Go »

Richard III

This transitional British monarch was found below his own initial in a modern parking lot. Go »

Sarah Culberson

Prior to investigating her family, her biggest claim to royalty was being homecoming queen in her West Virginia high school. Go »

Sarah Ferguson

Apparently divorce is hard on a duchess's figure. Go »

Tenzin Gyatso

At three, he led a religion. At fifteen, he led a region. At twenty-three, he led a retreat. At seventy, he leads a revolution. Go »


queen through the end of the century Go »

William the Conqueror

It's safe to say that when he conquered England to the north and established a dynasty that produced four more monarchs, his invading army was not greeted as fondly as the most popular barfly in Cheers. Go »