Mike's longest streak is 5 goos.

Mike has solved goos in 19 categories of the game.

Mike solved these 27 goos: Señor Wences, Kylie Minogue, Kozo, Adolf Hitler, Patty Hearst, Mariah Carey, Lil Jon, Lisa Marie Presley, Paula Abdul, Napoléon Bonaparte, Brett Favre, Dr. Demento, Michael Moore, Bruce Willis, Ruth Westheimer, Christopher Columbus, Selena Quintanilla, Britney Spears, Bethany Hamilton, Béla Fleck, Anna Ayala, Regis Philbin, Salma Hayek, Dolly, Dave Chappelle, Billy Blanks, and Chris Webber.

Mike played in this round: Round XXV (27 goos solved of 105).